Depending on the chosen production process, from Prepeg + Cu foil - in 40 steps up to the final product - to the Hot-Air-Levelling (HAL) process, you will be faced with many types of residues. One might think of materials like used anodes, rest laminates, cutting remainders, sludges, filtercakes and even solderdross. In accordance with the EU guide-lines, these different types of waste must be stored separately. Whereupon it should continue its way to a responsible processing and recycling. In all these steps we can be of service to you. Besides we can help in keeping apart your lead-free materials.

Our “One Stop Solution” recycling programme coveres advice, the disposal of packing (considering a.o. your available space) and the transport of your waste materials at the most favourable conditions possible. Moreover you can be sure that the guide-lines, with reference to the storage, transport, recycling and the regaining of waste materials, are being fulfilled at the most favourable proceeds or at the lowest cost possible.