The actual industrial PCB assembly is mostly done by means of wave- and/or reflowsolder technics, with or without touch-up handsolder. During these processes metals and chemical products or combinations of these are used.   

In your wave soldering process you will use for example bath solder, flux and thinner and in your reflow process for instance solder paste is used. During these processes, remainders fall free. One might think of solder drosses, waste pastes, used stencils, PCB- and/or component rejects, component scrap, cutting- and sawing remainders. All of these waste materials must be processed and we will be pleased to take this off your hands. Besides we can be of service to you in keeping apart your lead-free scraps.

Our “One Stop Solution" recycling programme coveres advice, the disposal of packing (considering a.o. your available space) and the transport of your waste materials at the most favourable conditions possible. Moreover you can be sure that the guide-lines, with reference to the storage, transport, recycling and the regaining of waste materials, are being fulfilled at the most favourable proceeds or at the lowest cost possible.