For professional advise you are at the right adress with us. We have gained a many-years’ experience and we know our ways about in our profession. When organizing the process of your waste streams, with due observance to the safety, the ADR-regulations and many other matters, we can be of service to you.


When waste materials are stored and/or transported, at all times they should be properly packed. In case of ADR classified material, the packing should be marked with the UN-hallmark. In all cases it is desirable that the packing is well manageable both within your production and during transportation.


In modern logistics, efficiency ist the main issue. That is what your customers require from you and you may ask this from us as well. Logistics is however not only about transport but certainly also about safety and environment hygienics. All waste streams must take place according the operative rules. Whether we are talking about ADR or Evoa, all conditions should be complied with.


Storage and transportation should always be accompanied by proper documentation. Related reports must be directed to the authorities. Transport can not take place without the right documents. For your own productions economics it is very important to know exactly the quantity of waste you are producing. Waste material costs money and for this reason our activities must be executed as efficient as possible.